Lightning Strikes Society Hill


Store shut down by lightning
A lightning strike and resulting fire during an electrical storm knocked out the electrical system at the SuperFresh Market on 5th Street in Philadelphia. The switch couldn’t just be replaced as is because the style no longer met national and local codes. And the store wanted to minimize lost profits by getting the system back up and running as soon as possible.


Manufactured replacement switches in two weeks
Knowing its reputation for quick andinnovative solutions, the contractor called in Penn Panel to quickly design and manufacture custom switchgear for the system. After a rapid survey to see what was required, Penn Panel's engineers took advantage of their outstanding rapport with Philadelphia Electric Company (PECO) to determine exact code requirements and obtain rapid approvals.

The new switchgear was designed to pick up existing electrical conduit locations, minimizing the expense associated with rerouting cables. And Penn Panel even supplied custom copper bus adapters at the last minute so that another supplier's transformer could be connected immediately. The entire project was designed, manufactured, approved and shipped in just two weeks so that the SuperFresh store could again supply the residents of Society Hill with daily necessities.

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