A Friend in Need


Failure of critical power equipment at hospital
On the day before Thanksgiving, one of the main service switches to Friends Hospital failed. Although the Philadelphia hospital was running on an alternate main, the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations requires two services at all times. The switch could not be repaired because it no longer met current Philadelphia Electric Company requirements, but the space was not big enough to install a standard design.


Custom switchgear to fit into same locationand use existing cables
Because of the space limitations, it appeared that the only alternative was to replace the entire switchgear lineup in addition to the main-tie-main configuration, a very costly proposition. But through some extremely innovative engineering, Penn Panel's design team managed to fit a new switch into the existing space.

Penn Panel's design put all the controls into a remote cabinet, and allowed both front and rear access to the box. Ultimately, an installation that would have normally required 27' of space fit into a 21' cabinet. And in a situation in which delivery time was crucial, Penn Panel met all the time constraints. Installation proceeded without a hitch, and the hospital was back up to standards in a matter of weeks.

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