Home(less) for the Holidays


Obsolete equipment needed replacement
Shelter House, a homeless shelter in Philadelphia, is located in an old building. After the failure of a transformer, the contractor who had to operate the main service switch informed the owner that the switchgear serving the house had become obsolete. PECO Energy, the local power utility company, required its immediate replacement to assure the safety of the residents. A further complication was the fact that a number of new walls had been built in Shelter House since the original switchgear was installed, making it particularly difficult to bring in large replacement items.


Custom-designed switchgear made to retrofit perfectly
The electrical contractor, one of the largest in Philadelphia, called on Penn Panel & Box Company because of Penn Panel’s ability to create innovative designs for unique situations. Penn Panel quickly designed and manufactured the replacement components to fit into the existing location.

In order to solve the problem of the difficult access, Penn Panel & Box Company manufactured the assembly so that it could be split in half from front to rear to fit through the doorways and around the corners. The new switchgear was reassembled inside the building as it was being installed.

Penn Panel completed all design and fabrication in a timely manner so that the new switchgear was in place for the cold weather season. The operators of Shelter House can rest easy knowing that the residents will be warm during the holidays and safe from any problems with the electrical switchgear.

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