A Better Power Connection Since 1938

Penn Panel and Box Company is proud to be designing, building and repairing all types of control and power distribution equipment including switchgear, control panels, enclosures, substations and high voltage switches for over 75 years.

We are a designer and manufacturer of a complete line of electric power distribution products, specializing in the following:

  • Custom Equipment, designed specifically for the customer’s needs
  • Fast Delivery
  • Retrofit existing equipment
  • Commitment to the customer long after the sale has been made

Corporate History

Penn Panel & Box Company has been in the business of manufacturing custom electrical power equipment since 1938. Our company designs, builds and repairs all types of control and power distribution equipment including switchgear, control panels, enclosures, substations and high voltage switches.

Our company scrupulously adheres to suppliers’ standards to assure validation of warrantees. Our equipment is designed and manufactured to meet applicable UL, NEC, NEMA & Utility standards.

Originally located at 120 Market Street in Philadelphia, the company moved to its current location in Collingdale, Pennsylvania, in 1955. The new building greatly expanded production capability, as well as superior office facilities. In 1986, the executive, operational, data processing, and engineering offices were completely refurbished, creating modern, efficient work areas, as well as providing additional space for future expansion.

A complete CAD/CAM system increased throughput in the engineering and manufacturing processes. New, more efficient, machinery was added in the plant to further improve production. The plant expansion, including a state-of-the-art painting facility, was completed in 1987. This, coupled with a complete reorganization of the inventory and work center locations, added considerably to the production capability and manufacturing efficiency of the plant. We continue today to improve the capability to respond to our customers’ needs by making significant investments in upgrading both metalworking machinery and information systems.

Penn Panel has entered the fourth generation of family leadership. Charles Edgar Craven founded Penn Panel & Box Company in 1938 and he carved out the custom niche that would carry the company well into the future. His son, George T. Craven, took over in the 1950’s and was largely responsible for the company’s expansion to its present magnitude. His planning, leadership, and vision shaped the company into the 1980’s. George T. (Kip) Craven, Jr. kept Penn Panel at the forefront of the industry implementing state of the art technologies to better serve our customers, while maintaining excellent customer service with quick response times and custom solutions. Jeffrey C Craven took over upon his father’s retirement in 2013 and has continued in the tradition of integrity, quality, and service that has been the company’s cornerstone.

Our mission is to continually develop new solutions for our customers ever increasing electric needs.