Lighting Up Philadelphia History


Electric power needed for only a few hours a night
The City of Philadelphia had a concept for “Lights of Liberty,” a unique, after-dark tour. It would consist of a walk through Independence Park, complete with remote narration and projection of images onto the historic buildings. It even required generation of fog at one point. How were the engineers going to turn this concept into a reality?


Custom plug in power enclosures
Early in the planning stage, the engineering firm brought in Penn Panel, known for innovative solutions. Working from concept drawings of the project, Penn Panel's experts designed four electrical power centers to provide the necessary electricity to mobile carts containing projection and remote sound equipment. Originally expected to be below grade, National Park Service limitations on digging in historical locations required a change of design, readily accomplished because of Penn Panel's flexibility and innovation.

Penn Panel's compact design contains all the requisite equipment, including large custom fittings that bring power to the entire Lights of Liberty program. Because aesthetics are important, the boxes are minimal in size and impact on their historic locations, as well as secure from public access. They include a very sophisticated ground fault system to prevent nuisance tripping of breakers from the fog generating equipment. Thousands of Philadelphia visitors each month are impressed by this breathtaking tour.

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