They Said It Couldn’t Be Done!


Manual switching left too much time
The ICI Americas headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware contained switchgear that required a manual switchover if there was a failure on one of the incoming lines from the power company. ICI wanted to install motor-operated switches that would work automatically. The original manufacturer of the switchgear was not set up to do custom modifications and recommended Penn Panel & Box to the customer.


Add automatic transfer controls to existing switchgear
Penn Panel was selected because of its capabilities for ingenious custom solutions. Penn Panel's engineers came up with a custom modification for an automatic transfer control scheme that met all of DelMarVa Power and Light Company's requirements. It was designed to fit into the existing space in the switchgear and to interface with existing controls so that a minimum of field labor was required for complete installation.

Penn Panel worked closely with ICI to install and test the system and confirm that the automatic switching worked properly. The project was completed well within ICI's time constraints.

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