If You Can’t Stand the Heat…


Control Panels needed in a very high ambient atmosphere
Techneglass Company makes picture tubes for television sets by melting glass and dropping it into spinning molds. A series of ovens heat the glass, and the company required electrical service for computerized temperature control systems. The electrical cabinets for the control computers needed to be suspended directly above the ovens in an area subjected to extreme heat.


Custom insulated and air conditioned control panels
Techneglass's consulting engineer knew through previous experience that Penn Panel was able to provide unique custom solutions to seemingly impossible problems. The system was to be installed in Ohio, but an identical plant in Pittston, Pennsylvania, was used as a prototype.

Penn Panel designed and constructed 14 full-height (90") cabinets in widths of 48" and 60" with custom cutouts in the tops for the main air conditioning system. The cabinets were insulated with 1" foam board and an individual 3,000-BTU air conditioning unit was mounted in each. The cabinets were installed on an I-beam running above the ovens, so they required special reinforced bases that could be welded to the beam. This fast-track custom project was designed, manufactured and shipped by Penn Panel in less than two months from the date of the initial consultation.

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